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Let us help maximize your classroom rehearsal time by providing tutorial videos over the parts to your pieces, beginner basics, scales, region and state audition music, and more. As an educator, you can sign up your orchestra by using a classroom subscription with the option to add seats for your students at a discounted price. Use our videos for sectionals!

What is Orchestra Tutor?


Videos for Violin,
Viola, Cello, and Bass

Our experienced, professional string players record videos that simulate private lessons to show students exactly what to do to achieve specific fingerings, bowings, dynamics and styles. Our tutors explain and demonstrate instrument-specific tips, and even point out possible test sections based on what's happening in the overall music.

Parents & Students

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Students can practice more effectively and save time by accessing our videos anytime, anywhere, as a supplement between rehearsals and lessons. We offer help with general string technique and the parts to their orchestra pieces, region audition music, and even difficult etudes. Students can even watch our videos on tablets and phones!